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October 22, 2016

Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) Pakistan:Information

Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) was initiated by Government of Pakistan with initial allocation of Rs.34 billion (US $ 425 million approximately) for the financial year 2008-09.
In financial year 2007-08, the sharp rise in oil prices and primary products in the international as well as domestic market resulted in double digit inflation, which almost halved the purchasing power of the people. Hence, there was an urgent need for direct and speedy relief to the underprivileged sections of the society and BISP is the response to the said compulsions.
The Programme aimed at covering 3.5 million families in the financial year 2008-2009.
The allocation for the last fiscal year was Rs. 70 billion to provide cash assistance to 5 million families which constitutes almost 15% of the entire population. Thus the programme aims at covering almost 40% of the population below the poverty line allocation for the CFY is 3.50 Billion.

The enrolled families are paid cash assistance of Rs.1000 per month at their doorsteps.
A monthly payment of Rs.1000/ per family would enhance the income of a family earning Rs.5000 by 20%.

BISP is being implemented in all four provinces (Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa) including Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and Islamabad Capital Territory(ICT).

Benazir Income support programme mechanism/smart card process
BISP has established an elaborate targeting mechanism for identification of the poor through the introduction of Poverty Scorecard and the nationwide survey along with creation of a database accompanied by data validation and verification. This targeting database will provide flexibility and automaticity for identification of beneficiaries for any pro-poor safety net.
BISP is making elaborate arrangements for continuous updating of this database through its peripheral offices and the case management system. Once the survey in the entire county is completed and data entry is done, BISP targeting database will serve as the national registry on social protection for the benefit of all the pro-poor programmes initiated in the public and private sector at each level (federal, provincial, district).
Parallel to the above described targeting mechanism, there is need for a similar well documented payment mechanism which can cater for the demands of all types of cash transfer programs to be established at each level. This is important since a speedy, efficient, transparent payment mechanism lies at the heart of the design of any cash transfer programme for the poor in the area of social protection. It is important for such a payment mechanism to provide arrangements for cash disbursements closest to the homes of the beneficiaries in order to reduce the private costs to be incurred by the beneficiaries for getting benefits. Hence the payment mechanism needs to have a maximum outreach and backing of maximum institutional capacity.

Since any one payment mechanism i.e. Pakistan Post money orders, ATMs, branchless banking, smart card cannot provide such an ideal outreach, there is perceived need for a composite payment mechanism in which the suitable payment mode can be applied in the appropriate areas keeping in view the infrastructural deficiencies/ constraints. However all the payment modes need to fit into central payment software to be maintained by BISP for payment generation, grievance redressal and reconciliation.
Transparency of processes is the hallmark of BISP. In order to further strengthen the transparency, disbursement of monthly cash assistance would now be carried out electronically through branchless banking system. In this context, the alternate payment mechanism has already been launched in the four districts (Mianwali, Multan, Sanghar and Mirpurkhas), where the Poverty Scorecard Survey has already been completed. After the successful pilot in the above mentioned districts, it is expected that similar services will be required in other districts around the country once the Poverty Survey is completed in those districts. Requests for Proposals have already been called for implementing the payments through the Benazir Smart Card in the remaining twelve districts of the Test Phase Poverty Survey.

Benazir income support programme waseela haq

Extension of small loans to females beneficiary or her nominee to trigger, cater and eliminate chronic and extreme poverty, thus enabling women empowerment to flourish. This initiative will allow and facilitate women to participate in their personal growth as well as national development. For further details and application form click here

Benazir income support programme application tracking

Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) has been initiated by Government of Pakistan with initial allocation of Rs.34 billion (US $ 425 million approximately) for the year 2008-09 which is the third largest allocation in the total budget and is 0.3% of the GDP for the year 2008-09. The Programme has been initiated to partially offset the impact of inflation on the purchasing power of the poorer sections of the society. In the years 2005-07, inflation stood at almost 10% with food inflation in the range of 13-15%. In the year 2007-08 sharp rise in oil prices and primary products in the international as well as domestic market resulted in double digit inflation rate, which has almost halved the purchasing power of the people. Hence there is urgent need for direct and speedy relief to the poor sections of the society and BISP is the response to the above compulsions. The Programme is aimed at covering almost 15% of the entire population, which constitutes 40% of the population below the poverty line. A monthly payment of Rs.1000/ per family would increase the income of a family earning Rs.5000 by 20%. BISP will cover all four provinces including FATA, AJK, FANA & ICT. Husband, wife and dependent children constitute a family. For tracking application click here

Benazir income support Programme Eligibility and Ineligibility

The following categories of families were eligible:

  • Possession of CNIC by female applicant/ recipient.
  • Monthly family income is less than Rs.6000/. And subject to the conditions I and II.
  • Widowed/ divorced women, without adult male members in the family.
  • Any physically or mentally retarded person(s) in the family.
  • Any family member suffering from a chronic disease.

The following families were ineligible to receive any assistance under the Programme:

  • Where any member of the family is in the employment of government/ semi-government/ authority/ department or armed forces of Pakistan.
  • Where any member of the family is drawing pension from government/semi government/authority/department or armed forces of Pakistan.
  • Where any of the members of the family is receiving any post-retirement benefits from any government department/ agency.
  • Where any member of the family owns an agriculture land more than three acres or residential house/ plot of more than eighty square yards (3 marlas).
  • Where any member of the family is receiving income support from any other source like Punjab Food Support Scheme etc.
  • Where any member of the family possesses a Machine Readable Passport.
  • Where any member of the family possesses a National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP).
  • Where any member of the family has a Bank Account (except in NBP, HBL, UBL, MCB, ABL, BOP, Bolan Bank, Khyber Bank, First Women Bank, ZTBL, Khushhali Bank, and all microfinance banks).

Benazir income support Programme payments

Current Payment Mechanism

The payments to the BISP beneficiaries are being made through the Pakistan Post.
The list of beneficiaries is sent to the Pakistan Post in an electronic form along with a cheque for the total amount to be paid to the beneficiaries.
Pakistan Post prints money orders through a digitized system and Money Orders are paid to the beneficiaries at their doorstep.
At the time of payment delivery, the beneficiary woman has to establish her identity and show her CNIC.
Through this mechanism no one handles the money except the Postman.

As a measure of transparency and social accountability of the Programme, the payment details and status of delivery of each beneficiary has been displayed at the BISP website.

New Payment Mechanism

In order to further improve the payment mechanism, technology based solutions are being explored by BISP.
Such new mechanisms will enable the BISP to execute the payments in a shorter span of time and real time reconciliation of payments. Systems are also being designed to address the payment complaints in a more efficient way.
Payment through the Smart Card is being initiated in four districts on a Pilot basis. The cards are issued by NADRA and the payments are made by a Bank through a network of franchisees and a core banking application.

Benazir income support programme website

For more details check official website of Benazir Income Support Programme website by clicking here


  1. this program is so good.with this program, every person able to live life so easy.

    • @irfan
      thanks for your comment and sharing your views with us
      you are right but the problem here in pakistan is that even that program is being used by leaders for their own purposes and there is huge corruption in it

    • this is my research topic so please explain the points as soon as possible

      BISP is too politicised ,centeralized complicated and non transparent.under the program three million families with earning of less then 6000 Rs per month will paid 2000 every two months inflation is increasing day by day an d little amount of 1000 is not sufficient to meet even the basic necessities of life.the amount which govt is spending on,this programm should be invested for the establishment of factories so that skill rate can be increased and people can get more job opportunties this step improve the maintinace of self esteem of public and the poor will become independent.pr zardari said that the implementation the programm would be above the political affiliations but the managment board comprises only PPP members.it seems the PPP wants to expand the practice of awarding development funds to parlimentarian and keep them busy in bureaucratic tasks rather than having them focous on legislation.

      • RAFIQUE SOOMRO says:


    • This program so good. Poor people for. Thankx

  2. amais wahid says:

    according to this programme each poor family would be provided RS1000 only per month and the assesment of need would be done from nadra . the criterion of identifying the poor through nadra is impractical as most poor do not even have id cards . I’M STUDENT can i ask question that that why 1000 of poor’s are compel to suicide ??? this is fake programme………….. due to this programme corruption is increasing we students hate the policies of ppp

    • @amias wahid
      thanks for sharing your thoughts with us
      you are right government should need to eradicate the corruption then automatically everything will be on right footings

  3. shahzeb says:

    v good


  5. Adnan Khan says:

    Esi program k through Corruption aur barh gyi, sirf unhi logo ko es se fayida hoga jo kafi approach rakhte ho. ghareeb ko kuch b nahi milega

  6. yes you are right main na khud sarvey kiya hain bisp abbottabad main through the srsp wo people jo umeed par hain and jo eligable hain un ko amdad nahi mali plz if aghar dobara is ki monitring ho to ya progamm un peple taq amdad panch saqti warna ya support beqar ha pooe people ka sath joke ha

  7. salam….mai 1 aunty ki rqst pr ap sy ye poochna chahti hn k kese pta chal skta hai k form accept hua hai ya nae ?

  8. Nawab Ali says:

    Excellent but do more for poor people

  9. my question regarding benazir income support program, my question is, i have fill BISP application for Last year, till yet i have no positive response from relevant administration, so kindly solve my problem as i can receive fund, and make it in use on time.

    Thank you

  10. MANSOOR ALI says:

    mayra question ha kay kitnay PMT score walou ko paysay milay gay.Aur kub tak?

  11. MANSOOR ALI says:

    jo 3lack wala program ha.us ki kiya detail ha?

  12. MANSOOR ALI says:

    PMT score ka kiya matlub ha aur is ki detail bta dain?

  13. Asif ali jan says:

    This progam is very best for poors but every poor is not benifited.

  14. IRFAN ULLAH says:

    pakistan zindabad

  15. sir,
    i requst u BISP programme iwant loan because i am a widow woman so i want small busness.
    I hoppe u attention my requst.
    Best regard.
    Shakila. ausaf.

  16. fatima asda says:

    aj kal to 1000 rupees sa kuch bhi nahe banta ya sub to ppp apni publicity ka liya kar rahi ha aj kal to garib log apne bachon ke fee bhi 1000 rupees mein nahe da pata un ka guzar 1000 rupees sa kaisa ho ga

  17. this program is prtty good and poor people for some help of ur living standard…….

  18. wase ye zardari ne thora sa acha kam kia ha ke gareeb logon ko imdad mahiya ki jaye….thnx zardari hakomat….

  19. banzeer income support program se gareeb people ki help ho jati ha

  20. jo 3 lakh ka progaram hai us ki kia detial hai????????

  21. janab kiase pata chal skta hai k humara form acpt howa hai k nai????????

  22. salam, sir jin k form fill howe hain un ko payment kab honi hai plz plz sir reply me

  23. Zaheer Ahmed Chak says:

    BISP is a very good system for the poor and needy families
    what information require for the grant of rupees 300000 and what people are ligible for the subjet grant please reply me as soon as possible plz plz

  24. Zaheer Ahmed Chak says:

    District Hattian Bala Azad Kashmir ka logon k form abi tak internet per nehain auye is ki kaya vaja hain aur ya kab tak launch hon gay net per

  25. salam to all my brother and sister my question is when status show block how can i slove the problem.
    plz rply me must;i will be very thank full to you.

  26. Ghulam Shabir says:

    Honourable sir.
    I want to tell about the recent event about BISP payment distribution i Khairpur Nathan Shah (Dadu) that there only Rs. 2000 are being paid to beneficiaries instead of 10000 or 15000. What is its main reason or do do politicians want to remove their hunger by snaching this support from a poor? or else.
    Please counter check this system at Khairpur Nathan Shah if you want to help a poor infact. or otherwise don’t cheat the poors one with the support of the name of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and don’t torture her soul in grave please. PLease react against the fraud in this system.

  27. MY form No. 11731500 and my mother’s form No. 11731501. There is no trace of these form so far. Kindly look into the matter. My mother is very very seriously ill. Kindly make payment as soon as possible.

  28. ijaz jalil khan says:

    my form no;7253197. there is no trace of these form so far,kindly look into matter,i need to build my home as soon as possible. thanks

  29. aj telephone pay msg aya k ap ko mubarak ho ap ka benazir income programe main 25000 approve howay han ye sirf un k liy han ghar ghar survey howa that ap form no is no 0302418851 p cal karen cal ki tu unhon ne kaha k ap u fone ke furnchaize p 550 rupes is code 00073480766 main jama karwan ap ko ak code den ge wo punjab bank main bata kar rupees le lan kia ye sahee hay ya galt agar galt hay to un sahib ko mere name phone no form no kaisay mila pl reply

  30. shamem akhtar 10511418 says:

    assalam .waleecom mera nam shamem akhtar hai me beva orat hoon or buhat pareshan hoon mera ab tak form manzonr nahi hua hai plz meri help kare jo haqdqr hai unhe to ab tak pesenahi mile hain plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllz hamari help kare

  31. Rustom Ali says:

    Respected / Sir Unjustice for my grand Mother aged 81 years old , heart pationt nows days palej Attacted , every time resting in the whelechair out of health, BAIT UL MAL qota system already Closed from 4 years due to new policy , those time she Applied for BISP form no 169712 CNC no 52203-65280220 Still Ignored , So a window bewa Requested to Honorable Sadar Asif Ali zardari Sahib With PM gellani Sahib my son bsc passed still jobless Helf me by any possibilities
    GOD bless you and your faimalies

  32. Kamran khan says:

    I am student .In my point of wive this system not so good. Because by this system benifushery geting to only rich and those people who have some apport ch to govt.and poor exploited.

  33. A Window says:

    Unjustice for a poor window woman age 81 years closed bait ul mal poor qota from long time . She is waiting for BISP still Ignored ( bisp form 169712 CNIC 5220365280220 ) Where the justice , sarbraha shanke ke sath bole tey hain keh hum garibow ko de rahey hain , mere jesay garib bht hun gey lekin unko khabar tak nahi huga key shekayat kaha say karin .,

  34. Muhammad Aleem says:

    i am apoor man we are 9th person of family i want to marride of daughter please help me through bisp


    MY NO IS 03412561571


  38. nasreen akhter says:

    plz hari imdad krain pahlay paisay miltay tay ab ni miltay .pahlay sb nay kaha k tmharay 300000 niklay hain main khush ho gai laken 300000 kya nikltay ab 1000 b band ho gaya main kya karoon maire madad karo

  39. hamari bhabhi ko phele 1000rupai momthli milte thai lekin ab nahi milrahe aap batain kis tarha mileinge…………

  40. sir tell me nearest office for help to find out the whole procedure of bisp.

  41. Plz hamri imdad kren meri walda k nam py form darj hai aur hamary scor bhi 16 hain leken hamen abhe tak kuch ni mila ap mehar bani kr k hamare mdad kren ta k main aur meri 4 sister parh saken aur apna piat pal sken ap hamari drkuat pr zror gaor krna aur hamari parhai men hamari mali imdad kr k hamara education hasel krny ka haosla buland frmaen Allaha Ap ko Dunia o akhrat men kamyab kray ga meri dua hai ap k 7 hamesha

  42. Salam ..Hmry Ammi ka naam nii he BISP pey tO kese Complin kryn…Hmry Famliy me kese ka naam kyu ni he….plzz hamry ammi ka card open kryn.. 🙁

  43. sir i m very poor so please help me 03132243937

  44. Sip ham ko bisp main acept nahi kr rahy.plz acept kr dain . CNIC 32202-4523768-4.mobile no 03058778511.

  45. how can i find that money is issued on my CNIC while im receiving text from your websites. please show me the way

  46. shabnom bibi says:

    plz mira nam shabnom hy firm no
    5551210 hy no show scoring plz dedail send me

  47. shabnom bibi says:

    plz mira nam shabnom hy firm no
    5551210 hy no show scoring plz dedail send me pone no 03459153045

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