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October 23, 2016

Bol Movie Release Date, Review, Preview, Cast, Wallpapers, Trailer, Atif Aslam & Shoaib Mansoor

Bol is upcoming Pakistani Movie under the banner of Geo Films and Shoman Production. Bol release date is 24 June 2011. This upcoming movie is special because it is first movie of Atif Aslam as an actor. Atif Aslam is most famous singer in not only Pakistan but also in India. He is playing leading role in this Hindi Drama movie. Beautiful and charming Iman Ali is playing leading female role.
Bol star cast includes Atif Aslam, Iman Ali, Mahira Khan, Humaima Malick, Shafqat Cheema, Manzar Sehbai, Zaid Rehman and Amr Kashmiri. Director of Bol is Shoaib Mansoor who is known for his super hit movie Khuda Ke Lye. Shoaib Mansoor rocked the Pakistani Film Industry with his movie Khuda Ke Lye. Now is ready to make another mega hit with talented actors.

Bol Movie Wallpaper
Singers of Bol include Shabnam Majeed, Sahir Ali Bugga, Bina Jawad, Atif Aslam, hadiqa Kaini, Faiza Mujahid, Sajjad Ali, Shuja Haider and Ahmad Jahanzab. This list shows that all leading singers of Pakistan are part of this movie. Music directors are Shoaib Manosoor, Atif Aslam, Sarmad Ghafoor and Shajjad Ali.
I am big fan of Shoaib Mansoor because of Khuda Ke Lye and now expectations are very high with upcoming Shoaib Mansoor movie Bol.

Bol Release Date/Releasing Date in India: 31 August 2011
Bol Star Cast: Atif Aslam, Iman Ali
Bol Director: Shoaib Mansoor
Bol Producer: Jeo TV

Bol Movie Images, Pics, Pictures, Wallpapers, Photos, Stills

Bol Movie Trailer



  1. It’s a Pakistani movie, and in Urdu if I’m not wrong, and not ‘Hindi Drama Movie’ as you have mistakenly written.

  2. maray khyal ma it going to be flop bt gud ha
    u try something else not gujar type

  3. yeah i think its gonna be a hit as long as iman ali dont overact
    .otherwise its gud keep up the gud work SHOAIB MANSOOR.


  5. hit ha ji hit ha

  6. it will be a good movie atif rooooookkkkzzzzz……..

  7. yes thz will be hit.the song hona tha piyar iz owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.best of luck all team of bol.

  8. muneeb shahid says:

    when bol release in india

  9. dead angle says:

    r sari dunya srif dakhae giiii is ki successs ko INSALLAH

  10. i luv atif aslam…………i am crazy abt him and surely he will rock……us ka song hona tha pyar is awsme……

  11. To me …. BOL is a movie Funded by JEWS to promote homosexuality and to promote population control of MUSLIMS particularly and to infuse more and more hatred of Mullas………..

    • @adil
      interesting thoughts , anybody else agree with it ?

      • Every visionary person agrees with it 🙂

      • Usman Farooqui says:

        I wanna ****** such comments as have been passed by Adil. He is short minded person and don’t know the biggest message of the movie under the covers.

    • Funded by Jews??? I disagree with you Adil… U cannot blame everything on Jews or Christians. how the hell can they fund this crappy Pakistani junk. I think that thinking negative about Jews just makes you feel better but u are seriously silly, DUMB and foolish to talk like that

  12. zara hayaat says:

    Asalam -O-Alaikum
    every one who promote this page my points of view thats atif aslam is rocking man always as usual,
    so, his song hona tha pyaar is awsom also ammazing voice so his song become hit in box ofice super duper hit all of across,
    so, he is superb singer and also a good man, then how can get flop his movie he can be super heroes,
    look any budy star always can be success with our support so pleas support him not only as fan also as good supporting human, dont understimate any budy,
    koi bhi chhote se hi to bada banta hai na humein yakin hai ki who jaroor success hoga as singer bhi aur as actor bhi i think ke ab sabko samajh agayee hogi,ok guys by take care of ur self also parents and friends,
    allah hafiz all of you.
    by by

  13. An excellent movie depicting the controversial taboos of our society.Many important social issues are faced in the movie with great brilliance and emotions which leave the viewers thinking…….great name and yes,people should stand up and speak about what is right and what is wrong.

  14. Zafar Naveed says:

    Good movie. The shemale boy track was unnecessary though.
    Good to see quality movies being made in Pakistan

  15. the movie was like “ok”.
    story line was good!!!! but the thing which really compelled me to believe that this movie is a propaganda movie, is that some scenes and dialogues are causing the increase in hatred btw sects of Islam…. i am totally not getting the concept or thought behind including these kind of scenes!!!! why shoaib mansoor does’nt come on media!! he must be brave and bold enough to come and give justifications!!!

  16. Atif Aslam U rockkkkkk sir…..i luv u very much n u r only mah superb like singer…n ur song hona tha pyar iz tataly awesome……i just luv ur voice n songs…..best of luck sir…..m always wid u..ccccchhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrssssssssssssssssssss…..

  17. This movie is Nothing but a Bull Shit, I Thing Shoaib Mansoor is Retarded or had became sick,,
    and where is the Pakistan Censor board???
    i Think Bol movie should be rated as 18+ movie.

  18. BOL is definitely one must watch movie in year 2011. Shoaib Mansoor has done it once again. Humaima Malik came out as one of the best actresses via this movie.

    Keep on producing films like this 🙂

  19. remisha says
    i like this aetif aslm movie bol hitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt i
    live this flim

  20. muneeb shahid says:

    can anyone tell me when bol realease in india

  21. sikander says:

    its nice movie

  22. Usman Farooqui says:

    Superb and fantastic movie. The best movie i have ever watched in my life. I wanna Salute to Mr. Shoab Mansoor for producing such wonderful masterpiece. You rockkkkkk… Wish You good ..

  23. Adil Sikander says:

    all movie was Embarrassment …. not at all a family movie ….Why dont we use our Media for good rather than portraying the worst aspects……I think these people dont believe that Beard is a Sunnat…Why dont they highlight other aspects….why dont they highlight the US Propaganda’s…Islam kay peechay haath dho kar paray hain…we should be ashamed to call it a Pakistani movie….

    Switch on any TV News Channel….watch it for an hour…Analyze how many good news you see and how many bad do you see…when it comes to Entertainment part you see Bollywood news…do you think Pakistan main kuc…h acha nahi ho raha…kia… koi yeh bata raha hai kay Aitchison kay bachoon nay poori duniya main kitnay subjects main top kia hai…kia koi yeh bata raha hai kay Faislabad kay paas kay aik Gaoon main aik bachay nay poori duniya main programming competion main top kia hai…kia koi bata raha hai kay Pakistan main kitni developments ho rahi hain…See Lahore City and tell me any area you see without developments….how IT ssector is flourishing in Pakistan…where have girls reached in their careers…..how many Non Profit organizations are working for Pakistan initiated by Pakistani youngsters..WHY DO YOU THINK THESE ALL ISSUES ARE NOT BEEN HIGHLIGHTED ON MEDIA??????????????

    Has anyone ever highlighted corruption is INDIA…how many talented Muslims are suffering in India…they are not getting promotions over non talented Indians…how many muslims have left India due to the fact that Muslims can not survive i…n India’s big cities…how many sects are there in Hinduism…how many controversies are there…..how many HINDU EXTREMISTS are there in India……HAVE THEY EVER HIGHLIGHTED SUCH ISSUES ON THEIR MEDIA????????????????????? No because their Media is mostly potraying the good part of India like their CILICON Valley…they dont highlight their corrupt society mostly….except RARE cases like Slumdog Millionaire and that was an issue highlighted by a foreigner

    If MULLAism is one of the problem then NEW ISLAM (ENLIGHTENED MODERATION) is the bigger problem to be resolved in which people are getting confused what type of islam should they follow.

    Khuda Kay liyay was enough to show moderate Islam…there was no need to show another evil role of a Mulla….MULLA was shown the worst character you can imagine….brutal to his family…murderer…doing sex in Heera Mandi…Is that what you think our majority of Muslims/MULLAS ARE???????? They are just indoctrinating hatred for Islam and showing us the path towards TURKISH ISLAM….

    Indian Film Industry is also showing Homosexuality but in a comic way and Shoaib Mansoor has highlighted this issue in a way to promote it….I am not sure if you have seen this film …with family or not…but seriosuly…it was embarrasin…g movie for every single aged person…showing the rape of khawaja sara…DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE….is it any of the current issue??? This is all to promote Homosexuality like its getting promoted in LIBERAL societies.

    this movie is for that little and mostly Elite class who thinks Islam is very simple….music and homosexuality is allowed in islam…women should not veil rather expose themselves coz its liberal approach (Enlightened …moderation)….every single bearded man is evil….I suggest that class should leave Pakistan and live their own liberall life somewhere else in the world…where women has no respect…child rate is drastically reducing due to homosexuality and due to the fact that western women can not bear the pain of child delivery….where people are confused of their own religion and not having any satisfaction in their hearts…………………Have you ever seen the face of a true muslim…the peace on their faces says it all.

  24. Besides all of the crappy things in the movie,, like Homosexuality, Shemale Raping Etc , every one is liking such movie.
    So i think this movie is representing the way of life of such people who are really in favor this movie,,
    i do not like this movie because this is not our culture but for those who appreciate it,, this should be a matter of thinking,,,,—

    Shoaib manzoor’s First movie so called KHUDA k LYE was funded by america and india, and alot of crap was shown in that movie too relating to Modernization in Islam,and i think This Movie- BOL is also funded by some western side to promote more Hatred towards Islam,, and showing false Islamic views.
    May Allah Forgive us for doing such things to his Religion,,,

  25. hey atif is my fav chahe ye kaisi bhi movi ho mai ek baar dekhunga jaroor,mere fav actor amitabh ki bhi 14 movies lagataar flop hui thi par aaj vo kaha par hai sabhi jaante hai.is liye atif i m with u

  26. hi thank for u plz bol movie is online youtube

  27. good to hear success story in pakistan film, some points are proved, Good work can be done here, people do appreciate, If Jews funded this movie, who the hell funding “Gujar badmash”??, Limitations exist as number of movies are less, the writer tries to spray as many messages as he can. if there are larger number of movies the messages can be separated. At least it would be more family movie than Murder or Dehli belly.

  28. this is gonna be good for pakistan because we want
    some meaningfull film from pakistan and this is a
    good for all of us.

  29. I’m dead sure that this movie is going to be rock and i’ve seen it 3 times…all the best to the whole team of (BOL) movie..great work luv u all. tc

  30. Ahsan khan says:

    …….god of music on screen…….wow …!!!!!!! thank u atif aslam…i m wtng for this mve…. but their is no updte frm ur side…

  31. some people are forgetting that its not islam that is the target its the rigid interpetation of mullas and secondly its really not about mullas rather its about a hakim by prof who only wants a son and hates daughters.i dont think islam promotes that ideology at all.
    and what propaganda, sadly these are the stark realities of life in this part of the world.

  32. must watch movie and Atif songs are fabulous, Nice Social drama. thanks for sharing…….

  33. i want to see this muvie bcoz atif is my fav. singer and i want to see how he work as an actor this is a big challange for him

  34. stealth_warrior says:

    i totally agree with adil sikander. mansoor deliberately did a shit job again. the family shown in the movie can be any ignorant family of the asian subcontinent, but HE HAD to go ahead and show them as really pious and religious muslims.
    his ambition is high and this is a very dangerous trait with a very fine line.
    is he trying to become another salman rushdie just for the sake of media limelight?????
    such poison ivys are supported only by communists and other non believers.

  35. What an incredible movie! I’ve watched the movie in Mumbai and felt totally numbed by the experience. You Pakistanis should be proud of Shoaib Mansoor. He has done a brilliant job and touched on relevant issues. Yes, I do admit the film is not meant for under 18s but thank God for the likes of Shoaib Mansoor who are able to touch on such topics – it requires grit and intelligence. Bravo Shoaib Mansoor! The cast too was superlatively brilliant.

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