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October 21, 2016

Die Hard 5 Movie Release Date, Cast, Wallpapers, Trailer, Preview, Review, Bruce Wills

Die Hard 5 Movie Preview, Summary, Synopsis
When Die Hard movie was released in 1988 nobody had idea that this action movie would be one of the most successful sequel movies of Hollywood. Die Hard 5 is upcoming action packed film of Bruce Wills. Die Hard 5 release date is in 2012. So far nothing known about the complete star cast of Die Hard except the presence of Bruce Wills (He was playing leading role since 1988 in Die Hard Sequel).

Director is Noam Murro and writer of Die Hard 5 is Roderick Thorp. Production company of Die Hard 5 is Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. Bruce Wills is the person who is making Die Hard movies famous since last 22 years and we can expect same for Die Hard 5 which will be on large cinema in 2012.

Die Hard 5 Movie Wallpapers Bruce Wills

Die Hard 5 Release Date/Releasing Date: 2012
Die Hard 5 Cast: Bruce Wills
Die Hard 5 Director: Noam Murro

Die Hard 5 Wallpapers, Images, Photos, Pics, Pictures, Stills

Die Hard 5 Trailer

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