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October 22, 2016

Oblivion Movie Release Date, Horizons Wallpapers, Trailer, Tom Cruise

Oblivion is upcoming hundred million dollar project which will be released in 2012. This upcoming movie of Tom Cruise has estimated budget of $100,000,000. Tom Cruise often comes in movie with huge budgets which shows that he is a real superstar of Hollywood because producers are not hesitate to spend huge sum of money in his films. Director of Oblivion is Joseph Kosinski and William Monahan is the screenplay writer. Oblivion is also known as Horizons in USA.
Oblivion or Horizons Star Cast and Crew
So far complete star cast of movie is not finalized yet and we only know that Tom Cruise is playing leading role in it. Production Companies of Oblivion are Chernin Entertainment, Radical Pictures and Universal Pictures.

Oblivion Movie image
Oblivion Story, plot, storyline, script
Story of this upcoming science fiction movie is based on comic book of Arvid Nelson. Horizons is about a veteran soldier (role of Tom Cruise in the movie). A court martial sends him to the distant planet with a alien race. The mission of soldier is to destroy the alien race of that planet. But during his mission an arrival of unexpected traveler causes him to question about himself, his mission and the planet.
In nutshell Oblivion is an interesting upcoming science fiction movie where you can see the fight between human and alien. There are two main reasons why I am looking forward for this movie i.e. presence of Tom Cruise and 100 million dollar budget of this film.

Oblivion Release Date: 19 July 2013
Oblivion Star Cast: Tom Cruise
Oblivion Director: Joseph Kosinski

Oblivion Wallpapers, Images, Pictures, Pics, Photos

Oblivion Official Trailer/Trailer

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